Meth Addiction – common drug combination with meth

The world of today is full with different types of addictions. People have different types of addictions such as it can be reading books, play video games, eating something whole day or taking drugs. The addition we are going to talk about here is Meth Addiction. Addiction of meth is among the one addiction which is also an illegal in the world. The affect of almost all the drugs is equal that is define as energetic, providing excitement, and alertness to the users of it.

Why the users use or take it

There are some reasons that compel the users to take this substance as to increase alertness, energy, excitement; learning, memory retention, and productivity enhancement are some of them. After taking this glassy substance person feel more happy and pleasant.

Common names of it

There are some different names also given by the users of meth and other drug users to call it in short or in code words as Glass, Crystal, Ice, Crank, Chalk, Tweak, and Redneck cocaine. It is produced in laboratories and supplied to the market of where its takers are found.

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Function in the body after consumption

After taking any drug the level of a natural chemical Dopamine in the body increases which is known by the people as chemical of pleasure. When the takers take it then the blood stream flows faster and the person feels more energetic and excited.

Effects of meth addiction on the person

There are some positive and some negative effects can be seen on the body and mind of the users. Positive effects can be listed as Alertness, energy level, more concentration, increase productivity. But negative effects are more than the positive as these are hyperactivity, loss of appetite, irritability, agitation, aggression, anxiety weight loss and irregular heartbeat. Sometimes severe effects can also be seen as sexually transmitted diseases and other common side effects as HIV or Hepatitis.

Combination with other drugs

Some users of it take it by combining it or mixing it with other drugs deliberately to enhance the impact of it so that they can remain in the same feeling of pleasure for longer time. These drugs are alcohol, morphine, Xanax, and so on.

Treatment of it

The addiction of meth can be cured by many ways like rehab centers, therapies, with the help of professional drugs doctors and so on.